7 research based reasons internet dating doesn’t work

Free online dating sites are one of the most visited sites around the world. Both the young and the old make use of it. Human beings will continue to be in need of human interaction and when they don’t seem to acquire it in real life, they resort to other sources like the internet for assistance. Check here!

Internet dating can be an exciting experience. From looking for the most suitable, to putting up a catchy profile and then skimming through profiles to find your best fit. Then there’s this joy that comes from someone acknowledging your profile actually sending you a message. The thrills and what not! An amazing experience indeed.

Nevertheless, there is always a downside to almost everything on planet earth. There are always reasons a lot of things do not always work out. For internet dating, here 7 top researched reasons for why internet dating do not work.

Rapport matters

One of the most important issues with internet dating is the formation of a connection between both parties. Personally, I don’t see any relationship working without a connection. The connection might be mental or physical, but it has to be around to make the relationship work.

With the advent of online dating and its success, only 39% couples met online, while others met in real life. This statistic goes a long way to show that people need to spend quality time together, to form a union. And it is by spending quality time together that you achieve that.

We really do not know what we want online

When scrolling through profiles on internet dating sites to find a best fit, we usually do not know what we want. People usually settle for the most catchy profile, not that it fits the description of their partner.

Online personality doesn’t always match real life personality

This usually happens. You chat with someone for a long time online and finally decides to meet the person. In meeting the person, you are disappointed in what you see. In your head, you try to rationalize the profile you read, the person you’ve been chatting with and the person sitting across you in the restaurant.

At that moment, you discover they are too dissimilar and that spoils the whole deal for you. For more information, visit: https://www.hawksprairie.org/falling-love-online-romantic-risky/

Smell matters

Good looks is good, but a nice body scent is top tier. Smell is not something you can perceive on the internet. I would always tell people that I smell them before I see them. So, you can imagine going on a date with your online buddy and then discovering he/she has body odor. You can imagine how you would feel.

People tend to lie a lot on their dating profile

The deception is online dating profiles are usually topnotch. People tend to hype themselves up a bit or a little too much. So much so that when you meet them in real life, you are highly disappointed.

The matter of safety

The fear of being scammed or kidnapped is another reason why online dating doesn’t go past normal internet chats. People are often scared and hence the refusal to meet up.

Matchmaking doesn’t always work

New online dating sites match make people to become soul mates using an algorithm that made up for the site. No, it doesn’t always work. In fact there is every probability that you don’t like who they match you with.

Online dating apps in 2020 do not require so much stress like the ones in old times. Match making is what most of them do for their users. This article is not to scare but to give you reasons why it might not have worked out for you before.